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X-Men Comic RPG [Dec. 26th, 2008|04:26 pm]
Bags -N- Boards : A Comic Book Community


Out Of Nothing X-Men RPG
It is a dangerous time to carry the X-gene. M-Day has depowered all but a few hundred mutants. Mutant hate groups threaten even those remaining few. A mutant messiah has been born and hunted. Xavier’s School has been destroyed ….again. This time, it seems that Xavier’s dream has been destroyed with it. The X-Men are left searching for a new dream to believe in and a new war to wage. Relocating across the country, they’re attempting to rebuild their team, their lives and their dream… out of nothing.

Fandom: X-Men Comic (616)
Opened: November 10, 2008
Age Limit: 18+
Characters Most Wanted: Dazzler, Dust, Mercury, Moonstar (depowered), Nightcrawler, Prodigy (depowered), Rockslide, Sunspot, Wolfsbane. Any logical mutant/x-man we didn't think of, just ask!
Restricted: OCs. Villains. Telepathic, Mind Control, Reality Warping, and Time Travel powers. For a complete list of restricted characters, contact out_of_c0ntext at insanejournal
Contact: out_of_c0ntext at insanejournal for more information, access to friends-only rp content or an application. Please give your email address and aim username for us to contact you directly.